Rainbow Bridge


Some of our very special souls have moved on to run free and healthy happy babies. We will never forget them and want to share them with our friends. We will meet again one day…..TobieTobie was rescued with his mom and 5 of his 9 litter mates. Tobie’s mom was left to run with a feral pack of dogs who fathered her 9 puppies. Tobie and his siblings were 10 wks old and starving. We took mama and found her rescue then proceeded to place the pups. Little Tobie with that cute face, stole my heart and had to stay! He started his new life as the youngest member of the pack and ended his life as the “man” of the house. Tobie grew into a loyal and protective dog. Tobie loved all of his diverse family members. His life ended too suddenly and he is terribly missed. Tobie would have loved to be a founding member of BGSDR. Instead we honor Tobie and Marjye as the foundation of BGSDR!


MarjyeOur beloved Marjye!! Marjye was adopted from a “rescue” in OH as a young pup. She grew up with Jaden and loved everyone she met. Marjye lived through a lot of change and adversity in our family life, but in the end remained a part of the only family she ever knew with her best friend Tobie! Marjye and Tobie were such a bonded pair, we wondered how one would live on without the other. Ironically, they died within a day of each other, leaving us a dog-less family. Our grief was too much to bear.  Marjye would have loved to be a part of this special pack that we are raising now. She was a gentle soul. We miss our Marjoram.




Duchess was a 10 yr old Cocker mix whose family had fallen onto hard times. They had made the painful decision to give her up because they knew she was ill and they were unable to provide for her medical care. It was quite obvious that this was a painful decision for them and rather than take their dog, we asked if we could help with her medical care. Duchess underwent a surgical procedure at our vet hospital. After her surgery she struggled with other medical issues and upon further examination, it was determined that she had advanced stage cancer. Her family made the very painful decision, once again, to let her go. This time Duchess went to the rainbow bridge. Duchess was as sweet as she could be. We enjoyed the short time that we knew her and know her family will miss her dearly.//


Willie was dumped at Pendleton County Animal Shelter, KY by his owners. He was approx. a 13 year old hound dog mix, who probably only knew one owner in his lifetime. His owners reported he was hit by a car and they couldn’t afford to help him medically. He never received vet care from his owners or the shelter. The shelter planned to destroy poor Willie, rather than to invest in him. We accepted Willie into our rescue. He arrived directly to our vet, barely able to walk. After x-rays and ultrasounds, blood work, etc., it was determined that Willie had severe arthritis due to long term morbid obesity. He also had lymphedema in his hind leg which appeared painful and infected. Willie was closely monitored by our vet and thought to have been “at his best” over a few months’ time. Willie began to feel so much better, that he gained this tremendous appetite. In more than one occasion, Willie found himself eating things not meant for consumption. Our hearts broke when Willie filled his belly on household garbage, developed a bowel blockage, but was too old to survive surgery. Willie went to the bridge on August 10, 2013. He was surrounded by those who loved him. Willie will always be a part of the only family who loved him enough to fight for him!


Cecil was a momma’s boy! He came to us from Campbell County KY, with his bff Daisy Mae. They quickly separated themselves as he became attached to the one who feeds him. Cecil was thought to be at least 13 yrs old. When he first saw the vet (on his day of rescue), he collapsed in the parking lot and was unable to get up. He appeared dehydrated and very weak. The vet was very kind when seeing him, but suggested Cecil might not be worth investing in as he might not be around long. We ran tests on Cecil and began steroids and antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. His labs were very impressive despite his outward appearance and so his journey began! Cecil visited the vet several times for close monitoring of his weakened condition. With good nutrition, Cecil began to thrive. He could barely walk at first and though he still falls some, has improved significantly. Cecil began to decline almost as quickly as he rallied. He became a failure to thrive doggie, suffering from an unknown source of cancer. We helped Cecil to the bridge on 11-2-13. We will forever remember our little man!


Norman is the dog who started it all for us in November 2012.  We found Norman on an URGENT list. He was at Richland County Dog Pound, in Mansfield OH. We were able to have him pulled by another rescue and transported to Cincinnati, where we met him. This was the first time that we committed to a dog who was a total stranger to us. We were shocked at the size of Norman as he climbed out of his transport vehicle. Immediately we were both overcome with emotion at the site of Norman. He was tall but very thin, with a gray, dull coat. We feared we had brought home a dog to die. After having just lost our 2 senior dogs, we were concerned. We stopped at the vet on the way home and Norman had a head to toe physical including blood work. Turned out he was PERFECT, just needed food and love. Norman grew into the most beautiful dog and is incredibly well mannered. The joy he brought to this family, inspired us to want to save another senior. Sadly, Norman was diagnosed in June of 2013 with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) . We sought the help of an amazing local specialty vet and were able to provide Norman with several months of quality time left with us. We assisted Norman to the bridge on 11-30-13. Everyday is a sad day without him.


Murphy came to us in December of 2012 from Taylor County Animal Shelter. He has been picked up as a stray in another county and never owner reclaimed. Thankfully for Murphy, he ended up in a rescue. Murphy showed very clear signs of past abuse and was very timid in certain situations. He was a faithful companion and watch dog. He welcomed and befriended many newcomers into our rescue. Murphy passed away peacefully in his sleep Aug 10, 2014. Murphy has left a huge void in our family and is missed every day!


Precious Daisy Mae arrived to our rescue in April 2013 from Campbell County Animal Shelter. She came to us with her BFF Cecil. Daisy Mae was thought to be 13+ when she arrived to our rescue. She had bad knees, but wouldn’t have withstood surgery to correct. She never displayed pain and was always a happy go lucky girl. She loved to be in the middle of whatever was happening in our pack. She would follow us around and remind us of her presence with that cold, wet nose of hers. Daisy Mae passed peacefully in her sleep. We will miss that “beagle yelp” of hers! Rest easy, old girl and kiss Cecil for us!! Daisy passed away September 29, 2014.



Helping our old friends find new homes where they can live out their days happily ever after.