small-paw-modOur story begins with our own personal senior dogs, Tobie and Marjye. Tobie and Marjye were as bonded as dogs can be. Marjye fell ill in the fall of 2012 and sadly Tobie died a day before her, very suddenly and unexpectedly. The void that was left, was too much to bear. We decided to fill that void by bringing another dog into our lives.

Because rescue was all we knew, it only seemed appropriate to adopt a dog from a shelter. Rosie, our elderly potbellied pig was also grieving the loss of her companions. We were concerned about introducing a new dog around her as Marjye and Tobie had grown up with her and didn’t know any different. We chose a 3 yr old “puppy”, expecting 3 to mean a little older. Sheldon, was terrified of Rosie and she took advantage of this.

We decided that another dog might balance things out and this time decided “older” was better. We found Norman through Facebook, in Mansfield OH. We rescued him and had never known the kind of love we experienced until meeting him. Norman led our hearts to want to save another senior dog. We rescued Murphy from a very high kill shelter the day he was to be euthanized. We felt our family was complete, until Kirby’s picture was posted on Facebook. After having saved 4 dogs to replace the 2 we lost, we realized something was happening here.

Lucky was also posted on Facebook and was deemed difficult to adopt because he had shown aggression. We networked him for weeks and weeks and finally broke down and drove 254 miles, one way to Mansfield, OH to meet him and take him home. At that point we had already decided to make our move to open a rescue.Bluegrass Senior Dog Rescue was founded March 23, 2013, with the vision of saving unwanted senior dogs from mostly high kill shelters.

Within a month of operation, we brought in 4 other seniors who were all in need of medical attention. Through the gracious generosity of strangers, we were able to provide that needed medical care and nurse these old babies back to health! We continue to grow in our abilities to care for more seniors and help them find forever homes.





Helping our old friends find new homes where they can live out their days happily ever after.